Monday, May 28


Well the first print run of Archaeology is finally all produced and shipped, plus I have had some rest time (it got crazy for a little while there). I was taken a bit of guard by the number of orders I got, so I had to work quickly to construct the remaining copies. I have learnt a lot about how to speed up production for the next print run I do. Custom-made money tokens? See ya later!

At any rate, I am now starting to think about the next game I'd like to do. I have plenty of prototypes to choose from. While the one I'd most like to do is called Cannonball Colony (a reasonably deep tile placement game), there are a few others that may be easier options to do next, having less components. When I get a holiday from college in a few weeks I will hopefully get the chance to start work on game number 2.

I'll also be visiting the Australian Games Expo in a couple of weeks to sell Archaeology. This will be my first real convention experience, so I am not sure what to expect, but it should be great fun.

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Jack said...

Sounds like it got exciting for a moment there. I'm glad it's gone so well for you, and well done for getting Archaeology to the 2nd print run. Cannonball Colony (Powderkeg Colony ;-) ) sounds very interesting - great stuff.