Wednesday, May 23

Nothing Worthwhile Is Easy

Or so I keep telling myself.

I've now got all the print jobs off to the printers, they reckon they'll be able to deliver them in time, and the Germans think the wooden pieces will be here too. Aaaah. Huge sigh of relief. While I'm waiting for the stuff to arrive I've started the last batch of six Border Reivers games. It's strange. I've given up a huge amount of time to Border Reivers over the last five years and now I've nearly sold out of the limited edition. Feels great, but slightly weird. There's only eight copies left (so if you want one, hurry before they disappear ;-) ), and a few ordered copies that need finishing off. I estimate around twenty hours work.

So there I was happily constructing the last few boxes while listening to music, about to go round to a friend's house to do the penultimate set of gluing in her backyard when I checked my email. I should know better, I know. It's the equivalent of turning round in a horror film, you know something bad is going to happen. And there it was. An email from my printers. Their laminating machine has been failing to laminate the game components - they think the ink is so thick the laminate can't adhere to the paper. D'oh. Looking at the proofs (which aren't laminated) I think it'll be alright (and in fact I've been recommended not to laminate components by Markus of JKLM Games as it eventually peels off), so I've told them to go ahead without it. Still, this game has not run smoothly, what with the Germans and all. Still, orders are still trickling in, and it's not even out yet, so there's no work of mouth or real content on The Geek yet.

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