Tuesday, August 5


As recommended by Scott, here are the adverts I've knocked up for It's Alive! and Carpe Astra. I'm not sure what I'm doing, so all feedback grateful appreciated. Do they pique your interest? Would you click on them? What could I do better?


Mal said...

Straight off the bat, the "Coming soon" loses my interest. If it's not going to tell me *when*, I'm not interested. Maybe if the first words were "Available to pre-order" instead, I'd carry on looking.

On the It's Alive! ad, are you sure you can use the term "Frankenstein's monster"? I'd have thought someone's got the rights on that.

On the Carpe Astra ad, I love the "Bribe, Slander, do whatever it takes" bit. I like a bit of nastiness. ;) Also, the image near the bottom looks cool enough to pique my interest.

Avantman42 said...

I'm not a lawyer, but I doubt there's any issue in using "Frankenstein's monster". The book was published in 1818, so the copyright should have expired everywhere by now. It's certainly expired in the USA and the UK. Even if someone has a trademark or something, I doubt they'd be able to enforce it - I'd have thought the term has become sufficiently generic (like "Hoover") for trademark protection to be irrelevant.

I think I prefer the Carpe Astra advert - I'm still not overly keen on the It's Alive box artwork, so I'd ditch it in favour of showing off the components better.

I also agree that "Available to pre-order" is better than "Coming soon", and I like the "do whatever it takes" in the Carpe Astra advert.

Hope that helps.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Jack, consult a marketer.

I don't find either of these captivating, nor a good use of space. And an ad had only one purpose: get people to click. You have to drill home the message and make the action easy to understand; CLICK HERE! Action!

The best way to get a feel for what you want is to look at 1000 ads on Yahoo or 1Up and see what clicks. Then blatantly steal the layout from the ad with your graphics.

Something tantalizing would also be nice: a contest, fee pics, special offer, or something.


Anonymous said...

Yehuda is right, you definitely need to add a 'Click here' or something that will tell the customers what to do.

Also, consider how the adv. will be displayed - what is seen first? What do you want to say that is the most important? Put that at the top.

Lastly, I'd avoid green. Due to the different number of green's in nature, and the lack of control you have over an individual's monitor, what looks like a 'nice' green to you can come off as a horrible, offensive green to another person. Green of all the colours is the most susceptible to this affect.