Tuesday, August 19

Best Laid Plans

Today I was going to solo a bunch of ideas I've had for Carpe Astra with 2, 3 and 4 (imaginary) players ahead of tomorrow night's playtesting.

Last night though, I had an idea though about trying to get the US distributors to bite for It's Alive! Both are sitting on the fence for now, waiting to see a finished copy before they decide whether or not to place an order. Because of the manufacturing delays I was worried that by the time they've received a finished copy, played it and made a decision it will be too late to get the games into shops for Halloween. This is obviously a big marketing opportunity for a game with such a gruesome theme :-)

So last night I contacted both of them offering to send them a hand-made prototype and some of the production samples I've received so they can play the game and at the same time get an idea of the production quality.

They both took me up on the offer. So today I will be mostly making It's Alive! prototypes instead.

The It's Alive! pre-orders are continuing to trickle in, only two weeks to go...

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