Monday, August 11

It's Alive! Manufacturing Progress

There's been some progress on It's Alive! manufacturing. I was told by my contact that I'd get some production samples last Friday. They didn't turn up, but he told me they'd been sent by ordinary post so they'd probably turn up on Saturday. Saturday we waited in for them (no biggie it was pissing with rain most of the day) mainly playing Paul's copy of Agricola that I'd borrowed for the weekend. I thought The Wife might like it and I was right :-) They samples didn't turn up though. Monday morning's post arrived and still no samples. I rang the Production Manager at the manufacturer (my contact is off on holiday now) to see if he knew when they'd arrive. I also asked if he knew when the games would be delivered. The delivery (initially due for Wednesday) has now slipped to the week of the 1st September. D'oh! At this rate I'm going to run out of money before I've actually received any stock. So much for the 'four to five weeks' estimate I first received.

When I got back from my physio session the samples had arrived via courier. It was a deck of shrink-wrapped cards and the rules in English and German. Just the coins, shields, slabs, guides and boxes and it's all done.

In other news, the It's Alive! advert is now up on BoardGameNews and has already lead to one (or two) pre-orders. Sweet. Of course the 15th August date could now change to 31st August. I might run that on BoardGameGeek.

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