Wednesday, November 26

NaGa DeMon 11: Back for a Final Push

Things are beginning to settle down and I'm back at work now. We've only got four days left in November and my parents are still here visiting, but I'm hoping to try to get one final version done before the end of the month.

Of course to do that, I need to know what changes I need to make, and for that I need data. I'm hoping to be able to play Dragon Dance at least a couple of times during either Thursday or Friday lunchtimes, and my dad (who's really not a gamer) was so intrigued by my description of the game that he'd like to play it too. My copy has been at work for a week or so (I left it with Sam after he volunteered to take it to the extra Newcastle Playtest session that I had to miss due to illness, despite having organised it!). So I've not had a chance to play it, or even think about it much.

So, what I need is to get it played, get some information about the weaknesses (probably too strong dragon?), get some ideas about how to fix it, fix it and make the fix available all within the next four days, all while my parents are here.

Challenging! Any help much appreciated...

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