Saturday, November 15

TGWAG League Table 3

Another great week of Dragon Dance progress. I've played it another five times and I've had a report from Konrad who has played it three times as well. Early indications are now hinting that the dragon is possibly a little overpowered in version one of the rules.

Talking about the rules, I've been very surprised at how stable this first version has been. Usually my first version of any game is dreadful, but this one not so much. So I've been struggling to think of how to improve it. Initially the only change I was thinking of making was to make a tie count as a knight win (the dragon's dead after all) and maybe reducing the dragon's hit points a bit. But Konrad's very detailed feedback gave me a couple of ideas and then I had a couple more from Dave's feedback after our end of Games Night game on Thursday. On the train on Friday I ended up making fairly large changes, so when that version becomes available it'll be interesting to see whether it's more interesting/fun and how badly I've broken the balance!

In terms of TGWAG there's been steady progress across the board, but Konrad's printing out, pimping, playing three times at the expense of his own NaGa DeMon game and then very detailed feedback with some cracking ideas has enabled him to race away at the front. Enrique (Eblasco/@7isprime) has also managed to nudge Roberto (during his trip to Saudi) into fourth place, currently out of the running for a free copy of the game.

Name PIPs PIAL Free game?
Sir Konrad/@pidaysock 23 Knight Yes
Derek Hohls/@gamesbook 11 Squire Yes
Eblasco/@7isprime 9 Footman Yes
Roberto 8 Footman No
@kimacus 3 Serf No
Mal 3 Serf No
@MTTJ_Patrick 3 Serf No
@toddderscheid 2 Serf No

Congratulations to Sir Konrad of Deutschland on his well deserved knighthood!


Sir Konrad said...

You humble me, m'lord.

Glad to be of help.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Sir Konrad,

You've been very helpful- thanks!