Tuesday, September 26

Construction Begins

Unfortunately, Paul's Game night was cancelled as Paul wasn't feeling well, so I'd stayed at home. The Wife was out at her evening class, so I settled down in front of an old season of the The West Wing as background noise and started making boxes.

I've one finished copy and four copies that are only waiting on tiles. I'm aiming to get thirteen copies done while The Wife is in Canada, one per day she is away. That's three hours a night - not a small undertaking. So I've got off to an early start constructing the boxes. I'll build and cover them first, so that I've got something to store the bits in. The bottleneck is still the tiles, but I can only do the gluing for the boxes on a nice day (which are becoming fewer and farther between as we head into Autumn) during daylight hours, so I'll do the rest of the game when the weather is dubious or I get home too late and miss the light. In the end I got twelve box lids constructed - a good start.

In other news, I've been thinking about Jorvik, trying to think of ways to boost its strategic qualities without overcomplicating it. I'm considering a three stage game, with multiple scoring rounds and separate cards for each stage. It fits the theme really well - but I'll have to play it a few times before I can tell how well it will work.

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