Thursday, September 7

Weird Day

Yesterday was odd. I set off in the car in the morning (I usually take the incredibly slow bus to work - but I had to get back early to post a copy of Border Reivers, so I took the car), giving The Wife a lift to work on my way to work.

There we were, chatting away happily, when suddenly smoke started to pour into the cab through the air vents. Not what you want to see, especially not at sixty miles an hour. We pulled up onto the verge and phoned the AA. After a frustrating phone call with an awkward telephone operator we were promised a visit within 35 minutes. A couple of minutes later I get a text message to say he's on his way and will be here in less than 15 minutes. A couple of minutes after that he pulls up - mint!

He has a look under the bonnet, and notices that we have no coolant left - Ooops! We should check that more often. So he fills it up. And it empties straight away. There's a leak - so it wasn't our fault after all. He tracks it to the heating unit and bypasses that, and tells us to send it to the garage to get the faulty pipe replaced. Net result: I get a day off work (and lose a bunch of money).

I spent the day on a range of games-related tasks. First I started collecting the content I want for the new Reiver Games website. The current one is pretty pants, and could do with a good overhaul. Next up was some construction. I needed to post a copy that afternoon, so I finished that copy and another one too. Might as well make some headway with the time off. I popped into town to post the finished copy and bought some card to make a second, more durable, prototype of Jorvik. I finished off the day making the Jorvik prototype while half-watching The West Wing on DVD.

I felt like I got loads done, but in retrospect it doesn't sound like so much. Still, I feel good about it, and that's what counts.


andyb said...

Shame about the car, but in my experience the AA are brilliant... at various times they
- fixed my Nova when it broke down on the M61...
- they transported myself, my mate and my overturned megane from Fort William in Scotland back to Manchester..
- they got my second megane going again after it blew a cross-threaded spark plug (following a shody service at a main dealer)

And they've all been top blokes!

Jack said...

Yeah, the engineer was great :-)

And far prompter than I could have imagined.