Wednesday, September 27

Sales :-)

Last week I mentioned that I had no confirmed sales all week. I was a bit disappointed as I'd had a few enquiries from the States which came to nothing (as I expected with the current exchange rate), but a few of other enquiries which initially seemed to be pretty likely, but then went quiet.

I contacted two of the guys I thought seemed up for it to see if they would like me to reserve them a copy and both have replied. Both were waiting for funds to become available before sending the order, but intended to buy. I've also secured another order here too.

This has boosted my spirits as a week without any sales is a bit disappointing, and I'd thought they were interested, but then I didn't hear anything for a while and assumed they weren't. Plus, one of them is my first overseas sale, which is a nice achievement.

I'm feeling much happier now (especially as I have a few more potential sales in the pipeline), or I would be, if I hadn't just dropped The Wife off at the station for a two week trip to Canada.

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