Friday, September 8

Practically Game-Less

Yesterday was very busy at work, and this morning I've a certification exam which I've had no time to prepare for - so I can't see me passing that. I only got halfway through the 800 page course book. So I'm screwed.

I spent all day trying to fix a mess at work, and then all evening doing practice questions and reading the book. No fun at all. Still, my day was brightened mid-afternoon by a phone call from the bank. My 'business specialist' was checking to see if everything had been set up ok. He also mentioned that he'd seen the copy I sold to the manager at the branch, and he was surprised at the difference between the prototype and the final product. He had decided to buy a copy for his sons as a Christmas present! Woot!

I was beginning to worry that sales were dropping off after The Cast Are Dice, and was considering different ways to promote the game in an attempt to create some new sales. It's nice to see that the copies that are already with customers are attracting some attention.

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