Wednesday, September 6

Publishing Progress

A few days ago I said that I intended to aim my selling efforts at gamers, as I wanted to get my game being played, and hopefully build a reputation and introduce it to other gamers who might want to buy a copy in turn. I think the game will appeal most to casual gamers, those who like Risk, for example. The problem I have is that these are the customers who buy their games in toy and department stores. There's no way that I'm going to be able to sell my game in these kind of shops, since I don't have that kind of clout - so how do I reach these gamers?

The easiest way I have to reach customers is to publicise it on The Geek and to play it and show it off at conventions. The people I will meet and expose it to through those methods are going to be predominantly hard-core gamers and wargamers, who probably won't enjoy the game so much. I need to work out a way to reach the customers I'm most likely to convert. That's something to think about. In the meantime, I can confirm that I'll be at Psychocon in Leeds in October. Hopefully, I'll see some of you there.

Here's a breakdown of the sales so far:

  • Sales to family: 1
  • Sales to friends: 7
  • Sales to gamers via word-of-mouth: 7
  • Sales to gamers after playing: 4
  • Total sales: 19 / 100

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