Friday, September 15

The tales of a casual games designer: Part 5

So, work on Tour (or tour. as it's now known as small letters and random full stops are cool!) has kinda slowed right down this last week, mainly cos I need £40 for cyclists for 20 games and another £50-60 for enough blank dice (12 a game) and counters (120 per game).

Those three parts together will make £5 per game. I also need printing, card, glue and a couple of other bits and pieces that will take it somewhere between £10-£15 - currently at the lower end but bound to get higher. I'm thinking of selling the initial game for £20 a copy and subsequent stage packs (planned to have two more stages per pack with an extra 'home team' and a few new cyclist cards to make the add-ons more appealing) would probably cost people around £10-12 as they won't need plastic cyclists, counters or dice!

I got a good playtest with my wife the other night on the completed stage which is probably gonna be one of the longer stages and JUST about fits on the 9 A4 boards that make up the stages. Playing with just eight cyclists between the two of us I was worried it wouldn't scale well down to it but it worked well and only two of the cyclists tired so much as to be coasting home (both mine and that was a tactical error). The session report is up on under the game entry "Tour".

My wife told me she really enjoyed it which was great as she's hardly a cycling fan, and I've had good comments from friends who have seen the black and white draft gameboards and have said it looks professional.

My new fear are that I've made the corners straight lined rather than curved as photoshop just doesn't work well with curves....It looks OKAY but I think I'd rather have curves. I may go back to drawing and sketching for the tracks and putting it together on photoshop.

I must have a good working beta for Midcon.


Jack said...

Sounds interesting. It's always nice to get good feedback. When & where is MidCon?


andyb said...

9 A4 boards sounds like quite a lot of playing area... do they form a single board, or do you use them one at a time? (like you race on 1 stage and then change boards to the next)
Forgive me if it's a dumb question, but I know next to nothing about Cycle racing (outside of the pursuit events of the olympics).

HamsterOfFury said...

It's actually a few centimetres short of A4 - they're all laid out together but it's still like half the size of the Railroad Tycoon board and really not that frighteningly big.
I'm trying to get it so that some boards can be manouvered in order to use the two stages to make another few just to allow the player some variation....I'm nice like that.
In theory if you're short of space you could remove the boards you've moved through and add the boards you're riding to as you go along but it's not that bad - I'll take a photo and add it so you can see.

Midcon is 10th-12th November in the Thistle Hotel in Birmingham. As I can't drive I prefer Birmingham cons.

I'd LOVE to make a nice 3D map using papier mache mountains, some hedges, fans, trees etc but it would probably cost a bit...

Jack said...

I'm going to try to get to MidCon, if I make it, we'll have to have a game of tour. It sounds really interesting.

I know what you mean about the posh version, as soon as you start making your own game it's a secondary game of trying to cut out things to save money, while not losing the feel of the game.

andyb said...

Being able to add and remove some of the boards sounds like a good idea, especially for people with small tables.
However having now seen a picture of the track, it would be a shame not to have it all set up in full. :)

A personal 3D copy (like the ones we see for Pirate's Cove and Shadows over Camelot) would be awesome... but I imagine it'd be a lot of time/effort/money.