Thursday, September 21

New UK Games Convention

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a guy who was organising a new games convention in Birmingham. They are hoping to get a convention to compete with the big one in Essen. He sent me a Press Release the other day, so I thought I'd re-print it here. Here it is in full:

UK GAMES EXPO 2007 “Everything about games” 2nd to 3rd June 2007 The Clarendon Suites 2 Stirling Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 9SB

2007 sees the launch of UK Games Expo. We aim to be a show case for all that is best, fun and fascinating in the world of games. Whether it is board games, card games, miniatures, computer gaming or role playing games we aim to present it all in an event which will be entertaining and appeal to men, women, children and in particular families.

Although there are many people who will play these games in the UK we have long been in the shadow of the huge and great European and US gaming conventions attended by tens of thousands. More people for example attended the great Spiel festival in Essen, Germany last October than went to the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC. UK Games Expo intends to challenge that dominance.

At UK Games Expo traders, manufacturers and producers of games will have trade stands with the latest boardgames, wargames figures, collectible cardgames and roleplaying books available to browse and buy. There will be many participation and demonstration games to join in including a western gun fight, radio controlled tank battles, car racing games, pirates and much more. There will be LAN gaming and massively multiplayer online games for you to try out and play.

For the competitive games player we have tournaments in Magic, Dungeons and Dragonns Miniatures, Wizkids games, board games and wargames.

The venue is located in Birmingham which has long had a tradition of being a premier location for conventions and exhibitions and is easily accessed from around the country. The date is the weekend at the end of May/June half term week. An ideal opportunity for bored kids and tired parents to enjoy themselves.

To find out more check out the website or email

I'm definitely considering attending next year, it could be a good opportunity to get some exposure with ordinary members of the public rather than the usual hardcore gamers you meet at a convention.


HamsterOfFury said...

I think that's the guy who's been contacting our games club about demoing some games for it (as the club is just outside Birmingham).
His grammar and spelling is a lot better in the press release than in his emails!

Jack said...

It has been slightly edited at his request :-)