Saturday, September 2

Yeay! Games!

I'm getting down to Beyond Monopoly again today. I'll obviously be avoiding Manifest Destiny like the plague on mankind it is - I'm hoping for a bunch of quick, fun games that I've not yet played.

Session report to follow, and this time I'm hoping to remember the memory card for my camera so I can get some photos. I felt like a right idiot, stuck there, playing the game from hell, and when I got my camera out to take a photo, I couldn't.


andyb said...

Was "Manifest Destiny" really that bad?? Although I have to say the name is BAD!
We played some good games (and Tempus), while you were just going through the rules for MD.

Couldn't get to York today (it's a bit of a trek from Manchester), but will be up there again in the near future. Hope you managed to get in some good games while you were there.

Played Border Reivers on Thursday, at Shire Gamers in Stoke. I must say it's an excellent game, and the production value of the components is super... the tiles in particular are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

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Jack brought a copy of Border Reivers in today, it does look very good, well made.

Jack said...

Thanks for the nice feedback guys.

Andy, I'm not sure how good the game as a whole was, I joined in about 2 hours after they started and the game stopped 4 and a half hours after I joined, when some of the playershad to leave. During the 4.5 hours I played I was boxed in during the first turn, and then left so short on cash that there was almost nothing I could do. The game also frequently pulled me and several other players down, but for example paying 5 each to the two players in the lead doesn't hurt you much if your income is 65, but it does if it's 20. The game seemed to disproportionately punish the loser - and hence was no fun at all. For 4.5 hours...

andyb said...

From that description, it does sound pretty bad, and 4½ hours is a big chunk of time to invest, only to regret it later.
I wouldn't mind the time investment, if it's a game I'd enjoy... I played Dune for 5 hours just over a week ago, and loved every minute of it, even when my forces got wiped off the planet about 2 to 3 hours in (this didn't put me out of the game though, and I was able to come back for an allied win).

BTW is that Jon, trying to figure out the difference between my brother and I?

Jack said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm quite happy to spend a whole day (up to ten hours!) playing Twilight Imperium, but four and ahlf hours is a long time if you're not enjoying it.

As to who is the previous poster, I've no idea. It could be Jon, he does read this.