Tuesday, September 12

Gluing Outside

I've been putting off gluing indoors for the last week. I've been avoiding it because of the aerosol nature of the glue. Not only should it be done in a well-ventilated space (because the glue probably isn't very good for you if inhaled), but it also settles on the floor making it quite tacky. I put a large sheet of taped-together paper underneath me to protect the floor, but the stuff gets everywhere and hence I have to clean the floor all around the room to get rid of the worst of it. We live in a flat, so we have no outside space to use for the gluing - but a friend has let me use her back yard. However, I'm then limited by the weather - I can only do it on a nice day: no rain, little wind and during daylight. I've got to fit it around my job too. As a result I missed Paul's games night last night to take advantage of the good weather before the autumn gets into full swing. I need to make some progress as I received a couple of new orders last week, and I've still got pre-orders to fulfill too.

It went pretty well. I did two full games worth (fixing some earlier problems I had with the last batch of gluing), and I did the front side of another six games. I was using a large plastic sheet to protect the ground and a face mask to protect my lungs. The face mask didn't stop all of it (I could still smell the glue), but if the amount of air getting through it was any indication of its ability to filter out the glue then it did a pretty good job. When I got home (it was starting to get dark), I cut out the tiles for one of the two completed sets of gluing. Doing the gluing in large batches like this outside should allow me to get more games done each week, hopefully allowing me to catch up with my pre-orders and get some stock in, ready for my next convention.

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