Friday, September 22

Mixed Week

It's been a mixed week this week. Some good, some bad. Here's an overview:

The Good:

  • I've made contact with an editorial assistant at the BBC Mindgames Magazine who's doing a feature on our games club Beyond Monopoly. She's considering doing a piece on my game, pending playing it.
  • I've completed four copies this week, fulfilling three pre-orders and a new sale. I've only two more pre-orders outstanding now - I'm almost to the stocking up point.
  • My parents are visiting this weekend (so I'll probably not post here). Dad can finally collect his copy and see how I've used his design advice and box illustration to complete the game.
  • I got a load of good advice on BoardGameGeek about how to publicise my game - and it's still coming.

The Bad:

  • No confirmed sales as yet this week - I don't want to do a publicity push until I've built up a stock though.
  • I've cut my index finger in exactly the same place for the third time while making tiles. Fortunately I didn't draw blood this time.

The Wife goes to Canada for two weeks next Wednesday, so I'm going to make use of the time to get a shed-load of construction done and build up a stock. I need to anyway, as I'm attending another convention in early October.

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