Friday, September 29

Good Progress

Last night I had less distractions - so I made a lot more progress. First up was another chance to get some more gluing done while the weather holds. This was especially important as the five-day forecast showed last night as the only dry one, and I've no idea what will happen more than five days out. I managed to finish gluing the six copies I started yesterday. Then I came home and did the cutting out of two and a half of those six copies, completely finishing another three copies. I've now got five finished copies, and only seven outstanding orders - I'm nearly ahead of the game! I also did a few box trays, just constructing them, not covering them yet.

In other news, Richard Turner is a new board games publisher based in the UK looking for a game to publish.

In totally unrelated news, Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist has been blogging about her experiences travelling to, and living on the International Space Station. It's a very enlightening diary - and it lets us in on what I dreamt of as a kid - space travel for non-governmental employees. Sure it cost her around $20 million, but it will get cheaper... Unfortunately, I spotted her blog too late (as she's already returned to Earth), but it is still an interesting read.

My friend Mal is coming down tonight for the weekend, so construction will pause, but I'll probably get some games in, and Mal and I are hoping to overhaul the Reiver Games website - let's face it, it needs it.

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