Sunday, September 17

The tales of a casual games designer: Part 6

Oh yeah, here's an image of the black and white board with the colourful cyclists on it....

Fun fun.


andyb said...

Wow!! Cool looking board, and I have to say the corners don't look at all bad for being 'straight' rather than curved as you mentioned earlier.

Just out of curiosity, will the finished board be in black & white?

Jack said...

It does look very good. When I've tried to do corners I've used a computer program I've written to play them accurately on an image and then finished the image off in Paint Shop Pro. Of course, if you can't write computer programs that doesn't help :-/

HamsterOfFury said...

The finished board will be in colour - I'll try and get a colour version printed off to show.
I'm working on the mountains stage which will go on the back of the boards.
Yeah the 'straight' corners aren't as bad as a I worried they would be, and looked a helluva lot better than the curves I managed on the computer!