Tuesday, November 28

1977 and all that...

Hi there!

As mentioned last week, Jack has invited me to add my thoughts to this blog every now and then on games that i'm developing. Like many others, I’ve had a few ideas for games over the years and recently have started taking my ideas and developing them into playable games.

As with many of my era (Born in the late seventies) I developed a fixation with Games Workshop while at school, my favourite game being Advanced Heroquest, and I ended up spending a small fortune on miniatures while not actually playing that many games!

After a few years away from gaming I picked up a copy of Heroclix at my local comic shop, it looked fun and played well, but it started costing too much to collect. Eventually I ended up buying a copy of Lord of the Rings (on sale at Toys R Us) and was instantly hooked. I started looking on the internet for similar and found Boardgame Geek, bought some more games and ended up joining my local games group (Beyond Monopoly!)

Since then I’ve been a regular gamer and have started developing my own games. The main one that I’ve been working on is ‘Citywise’ a game of a race against time in a future city with players competing to raise the most cash in a 24 hour period (game time, not real time!), this is coming on well and is starting to take shape.

My other games include Steam Car Racers; A Victorian racing game, BMX Challenge; A Card based game, and Space Campaign; A ridiculously complicated game of galactic control. All of the above are just in the idea stage at the moment.

I’ll be posting here on a regular basis to update you on my game developments, I’ll gratefully receive any comments and feedback.

All the best, see you soon


hmocc said...

Hi Dave,

We have not met, yet (as I intend to visit Beyond Monopoly fairly soon), but I wish you the best of lucks with your projects.

From your descriptions they all seem to have bags of potential, and I will be looking forward to play them.

Good luck!

jako said...

Thanks a lot! Beyond monopoly is a really good club. When my games are a bit more polished i'll be taking them along for everyone to try.

Jack said...

Welcome aboard, Dave. I too look forward to playing more of your games and watching as they develop from early prototype to polished final game :-)

andyb said...

So many of us seem to have gone through the Games Workshop grinder... I guess that's a generation thing.

I look forward to reading about your prototype games, and the progress thereon, Dave.

Might even see you at Beyond Monopoly tomorrow.