Friday, November 24

New Member

My friend Dave has been coming round for games for a few weeks, and has recently got into board games design in his spare time. Last time he came round he brought a very early prototype of his first game (known as Citywise), and we played it. It was interesting, and despite some early prototype flaws has real potential. He's got his own board games design blog, and so tonight at the pub I invited him to join Creation and Play as another games designer. I'm delighted to say he's up for it - so hopefully we'll be hearing about his progress here soon.

I'm not going to post this weekend as I'm down in London for my sister's wedding - so you'll not hear from me until Monday.


jako said...

Hi Jack! Thanks for the invitation, it's an honour to be a part of the design community and discuss the topic with like-minded people.

I won't say too much here, i'll post at some point next week and introduce myself fully to everyone.

Well, after discusing Citywise last night, i've got a few more ideas to work on this weekend, watch this space!

Jack said...

You're welcome! And so is anyone else designing euro, abstract or wargames...