Thursday, November 16

Making Friends

I first moved to York just over two years ago. At that time I was working from home and commuting to Newcastle for two days a week. We were living in a small village outside York which suffered from lame bus service. I didn't drive at the time either, so I was fairly isolated. It was a year before I started working locally and passed my driving test, by which time the only people I knew in York were friends through The Wife's work.

One of the best things about deciding to get Border Reivers finished and start selling it is the number of new friends I've made. At the playtesting event I held I met Paul, Greg and Spence who I try to meet up with once a week for games. I've started going to Beyond Monopoly, where I've made even more friends, including Dave my Space Hulk buddy. Plus I've a bunch of internet friends who I might have only met very briefly, but I'm getting to know through this blog, other blogs and podcasts and BoardGameGeek. It's great that a personal project such as giving up your social life to self-publish a game you've designed can lead to a bunch of new friends.

In other news, I finished the batch of four games last night except for the tiles. I've an opportunity to do the gluing for the tiles next Tuesday in a friend's garage, so the end of this batch is in sight. I finished off the cards last night while listening to Luke's Happy Happy Baord Games Love-In podcast. It was my first venture into the world of podcast listening, and although I only had time to listen to the first episode, I can see that this might become almost as dangerously addictive as blog-reading. Oh dear. Great stuff, Luke!

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