Saturday, November 18

Bristol: The Reprise

We've come down to Bristol again this weekend to see the in-laws. Last weekend only I came down and I didn't really see the in-laws at all, so this time it's both of us.

I didn't get the Codename: Artist prototype finished last night before we left as I left work late, so I had no time once I got home. I've brought it with me though, and I expect to finish it off in the next hour or so. It's a very simple game in terms of components, but it should provide the players with a lot of options at every turn (diminishing towards the end of the game) not unlike Hey! That's My Fish!. I don't yet know whether this will make it bewildering or vulnerable to analysis paralysis. There's only one way to find out.

It's been a disappointing week for sales of Border Reivers. Since the Psychocon conference I've not sold many copies at all, although I've been on holiday and not attended any more conventions. Hopefully the review in BBC MindGames will drum up some interest, but for now I ought to put some more effort into publicity.

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