Tuesday, November 28

Fantastic Weekend

On the weekend I was down in London for my sister's wedding. I've not been to London socially for many years - probably around six or so, despite only living about two hundred miles away and having family there. I'm not a big fan of anywhere that huge, I prefer a more sensibly-sized city.

We had a fantastic weekend, it was really great to see my family (it's usually only at Christmas that I see my sister and her now husband) and everyone was in a really good mood. The weekend was really good fun, we drank (quite a lot in some cases :-) ), we ate - it was great.

Bizarrely, I also sold three copies of my game to friends and family. That sounds really bad. I want to make absolutely clear that I was not at my sister's wedding pimping my game. My friends and family had heard about my game from other friends and family and they were interested to hear about it, and how it was going. I told them, and they ordered copies. It was great, and yet wrong. It's my sister's wedding, dammit. Ideally I'd prefer to sell the game to gamers, who are more likely to play it, but I've had a slow few weeks of sales, and I'll take the money gratefully.

Sadly I missed Paul's games night again last night as we had various chores to do having been away all weekend, plus I've an interview for a promotion at work today so I had to do some prep this evening, reading up about the subject. Next week. Honest. Sorry Paul, etc., I hope you had a good night.


hmocc said...

Good luck with that promotion, Jack!

And about selling your game at yous sister's wedding, don't worry - If people wanted to buy them, were you going to say no? This way you made them happy and yourself happy!

Jack said...

Thanks, Hugo. It did make me feel dirty though :-)