Monday, November 13

Bristol: Day 3

We had a really nice day yesterday, with all my siblings coming round for dinner at Mum and Dad's. It almost felt like Christmas, with the exception that The Wife wasn't down here with us.

Yesterday I made another prototype for Jorvik (number four? number five?) and then played it twice, once solo and once with my Dad. I think this one is better than the last, but I'll need to play it several times to be sure. I was glad that Dad picked it up quickly (he said he was strategising by the end of the game), as he's really not a gamer, so the fact that he could pick it up so quickly shows me that I've pitched the difficulty about right. The hard thing is to keep some strategic options in the game when the game is fairly simple.

Towards the end of the day Dad also gave me a game title. Just one word. I didn't recognise the word, but it turns out it is the name of a modern artist. He then showed me some of that artist's work. This morning I've already been thinking of how the artist's work could inspire a game. I've got a few ideas, so that should keep me busy, scribbling in my notebook on the train.

I'm off in a minute to go and play Border Reivers with the reviewer from the BBC MindGames. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

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