Wednesday, November 15

Back In The Saddle

I finally got back to constructing again last night. I got very little done last week due to a few social events and the unexpected trip to Bristol. I'm still working on that batch of four copies I started a week or so ago.

All I had left to do on them was the decks of cards and the tiles. The tiles are on hold until I get an opportunity to do some gluing (I had intended to spend a day gluing last weekend while The Wife was away, but instead spent it down in Bristol). So I started on the decks of cards instead. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked as I didn't get home from work until late and I decided to bite the bullet and go and buy a new cutting mat before I started. I'd had the previous cutting mat for many years and Border Reivers had finally done for it - the cutting surface was trashed. The new mat is great and it leaves a much nicer finish on the things I'm cutting. I really should have changed it earlier.

I'm away again this weekend, but I'm visiting my in-laws so there should be some games opportunities and possibly even some playtesting and prototype making opportunities.

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