Saturday, November 11

Hello From Sunny Bristol

I've come down to Bristol for the weekend to see my family, attend a dual-family gathering in preparation for my sister's wedding and to teach the reviewer from BBC MindGames to play Border Reivers.

I spent four hours on a train last night, and due to exhaustion caused largely by a couple of neighbours rowing loudly in the street for over five hours starting at 3:15am a couple of days ago, I didn't get much done on the train. When I went down to visit Dunk a couple of months ago I had a very productive train journey, writing pages of notes on Jorvik and Sennon and coming up with a couple of new ideas for games. This time I only managed to get six pages written, including a card distribution for the new Jorvik prototype, along with the rule changes I had in mind, plus the first full copy of the Sennon rules I've got in mind. Now all I need are some prototypes...

I'm at my parents for two or three days, so if I can get my hands on some card I can make use of Dad's swanky guillotine and knock something together. There's every chance Dad has some card lying around. I'll also be discussing the Jorvik graphic design with Dad - he's very interested in my games design venture, and keen to help out where he can.

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