Thursday, November 23

Slack Sales

Since I've got back from the Psychcon convention in mid-October I've had a few weeks of disappointing sales. I'm not quite sure why this is as I've had some good publicity in the form of Hugo's review. I've put a little less effort into self-publicising (as if I was putting any effort in the first place!), but I can't see that making much difference.

I had been relying on getting the review in BBC MindGames before Christmas, so I wasn't too worried about selling fewer than I had hoped - since I expected a big jump and I was worried that I wouldn't have time to build up a stock for that. Now that I've got a bit longer before the MindGames review is printed, I need to boost my sales a bit. How? Therein lies the problem. I've no idea really. I've had a bunch of advice from various people, but a lot of that is less applicable to me, as I have very few copies available, and don't stand to make much money from it.

I'm considering approaching the local paper, and seeing if they want to do an interview or review. I can't imagine that many of their readers will be interested, but they will have a pretty large readership, and maybe doing it just before Christmas will get me a few Christmas present orders.

In other news, using a friend's garage for gluing on Tuesday was great in that it was fairly warm, dry and well lit. The only downside? My legs are really stiff, and I can only assume it was kneeling down for an hour an a half that did it. Jeez. Now I feel old and/or unfit. I'll have to do something about those, and I guess the unfit one is the easier of the two to tackle...


jako said...

I think approaching the local papers is a good idea, especially if you emphasise that you are an entrepreneur (sp?) setting up a board game business, rather than some guy who's just invented a game. I think you've got a good chance of getting a feature done!

Jack said...

It's worth a try - I used their online form to see if they're interested.

We'll see if they bite...

hmocc said...

Hi Jack,

Try the Leeds press as well, or, if you dare, go a bit further and try TV shows such as Look North and Calendar - they are always looking for local people linked with entrepreneurial/creative stuff.

Furthermore, I would suggest setting up a contest on BGGeek. This seems to draw attention from a huge group of potential gamebuyers.

I would also say to attend more gameCons if you can. The ones in Scotland (DiceCon) seem to be closest.

Or alternatively, try meeting gaming groups besides Beyond Monopoly! Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, all are bound to have a group of people playing games regularly. Find out where they are and who organises them, email or call to set up a "Border Reivers Night".

At such an event, people will talk to you, and play Border Reivers, which you can offer with a small discount on the night . You may even find people willing to playtest your new games.

I can try the guys at my boardgames club (in Headingley - Leeds), if you want. It runs every Thursday evening, from 6.30pm to 10.00pm.

Good Luck!

Jack said...

Thanks for the advice and offers Hugo. I'll see if I can get across to Headingley at some point soon.