Wednesday, November 1

Constructing Again

Well, I've finally got around to making copies again. The presence of a few copies in stock has taken the pressure off a bit, so I've slacked off - especially with the holiday. However, the BBC magazine comes out this week and I've no idea how much interest that will generate, so I ought to get some more copies ready just in case there's a rush as a result of the review. We shall see. I've started another small batch, I didn't get much done last night, just a few boxes constructed (but not yet labelled), however tonight should be more productive.

I've had some more good news too: as a way around the gluing outdoors problem (I can only do it during daylight in good weather - both of which are in increasingly short supply), a friend from work has offered me the use of his lit, rooved workshop. That will allow me to do the gluing after dark whatever the weather. Great.

In other news, I've had a couple more queries from the States, and got royally lamped at Carcassonne again by The Wife last night. One of the enquiries from America has ordered a copy, the other not as yet, I don't know if it will come to anything - as ever the exchange rate is against me, but we shall see.

Tomorrow I'll post a summary of October, how the month went for me in terms of games and games design.


Jako said...

I'm sure that the article will generate loads of interest. Isn't this month's issue also featuring Beyond Monopoly!? A double reason to buy it methinks...

Jack said...

Yeah, I think it will cover both. The review and the club mention will both be in the 'This Month' section, usually found towards the end of the magazine.

Nice use of methinks too!