Sunday, November 12

Bristol: Day 2

I'm obsessed with games. There. I've admitted it. They say the first step is to admit you've got a problem.

I'm down in Bristol visiting my family. Yesterday we went on a sort of stag & hen do, with my family and Dan's family. The girls went on a treasure hunt, and then for dinner, the boys on a tour of Bristol, and then for dinner, then we met up for drinks afterwards. It was great for the family to get together, as with the exception of Christmas (and the forthcoming wedding), we don't do it. In fact it felt a bit like Christmas, with us all round at Mum & Dad's, with the exception of The Wife who's in Edinburgh visiting a friend. The ladies left fairly early in morning, which left Dad and I in the house alone.

Conversation turned towards Reiver Games, and we must have spent a couple of hours discussing how it's going and what my aspirations are. Dad's run a few business ventures over the years, always in his spare time, as he was a teacher for over thirty years in his main profession. It's good to have a sounding board for ideas, and also to get someone else who has had some experience to discuss issues I may not have considered. I really appreciate Dad's input, and I like it that he's so interested and excited about the project. I've also asked him for some artwork for Jorvik, which he's very keen to help with after Christmas when he's less busy.

Today I'm going to make another Jorvik prototype this morning, and then later on my brother is coming round and we're going to have a family meal in the evening. My sister has brought a Christmas pudding - so it'll be even more Christmassy!

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